How did Hollywood star Rebel Wilson lose 57 kg?

Not without starvation and – unexpectedly – the rejection of the TV.

How did Rebel Wilson manage to lose weight?

Let’s talk with a nutritionist.

Media people often motivate fans to change their appearance, work on themselves and grow spiritually. Rebel Wilson is no exception. The Australian actress’s weight loss has long been followed on social media, and she recently shared some new skinny habits.

Weight loss secret Rebel Wilson

The process of losing weight can be started by returning to simple healthy eating habits. After that, you can try something more radical.

The star of The Bachelorettes, Bridal Smash, Pitch Perfect and others began her journey to a perfect body in early 2020. Then the actress weighed 132 kg, but by the end of the year she had lost 57 kg. She still continues to work on the form, while remaining true to herself:

Being different is a very good thing.

Rebel Wilson

What did Rebel Wilson eat to lose weight?

To improve her relationship with food, Rebel turned to a detox center, where they made a menu for her according to the Mayer method. In this case, the diet consists mainly of foods with a high content of alkalis (fish, vegetables, sheep’s milk yoghurts). Nutrition involves conscious food intake and therapeutic fasting. All this together helps to improve digestion, while the person does not experience an acute feeling of hunger.

The diet works if you reduce the number of snacks, do not eat foods with gluten and lactose. Mayer’s method also helps to form some eating habits. For example, thorough chewing of food (at least 40 times). The actress said that the clinic helped to identify and begin to control her psychological blocks. Now it is much easier for her to maintain shape for a long time.

The initial stage of losing weight included fasting. It was necessary to cleanse the digestive system. Rebel then learned to eat mindfully. What does it mean? Proponents of the Mayer Method recommend abstaining from reading, watching TV, using phones, and talking while eating. You need to eat more slowly, as well as learn to recognize the signals of hunger and satiety. Then the body will need less food.

If Rebel used to snack on snacks and sweets, now she finds healthy alternatives, and in the evening she just drinks a bottle of water. She says:

Remember girls, you still have to pamper yourself – now I only do it once or twice a week and take a bubble bath in the evenings.

The main point is to switch the focus of attention, to look for satisfaction not in food, but in the outside world.

Starvation takes place, the nutritionist notes, but there are contraindications:

  • deficiency of body weight;
  • diabetes mellitus type I;
  • excess or deficiency of thyroid hormones;
  • condition after a heart attack;
  • cardiovascular insufficiency of 2-3 degrees;
  • chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver;
  • low blood pressure;
  • gastric and duodenal ulcer and some other diseases.

Also, fasting for weight loss is not recommended for pregnant women, children and older people.

How did the actress train?

Rebel works out seven days a week and walks 10,000 steps every day. While walking, she listens to podcasts or music.

The correctness of the exercises is controlled by Australian fitness trainer Jono Castano. In one of the TV shows, he said that Rebel’s priority is high-intensity training. The actress performs exercises for biceps and shoulder press, squats and lunges, as well as exercises for the press. Wilson fell in love with surfing, hiking in the mountains, individual training, boxing classes. This became her regular fitness regimen, which certainly helped in losing weight.

Rebel recommends recording your results and setting yourself the goal of getting rid of a certain number of kilograms per month. In addition, the girl is sure that taking care of her appearance and health directly affects nutrition and attitude to sports. For example, Rebel regularly visits a massage therapist, beautician and sleep specialist. The latter helped restore the eight-hour sleep that the actress did not have due to her busy work schedule.

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