Bruce Willis can no longer read or speak due to worsening dementia

The condition of American actor Bruce Willis, who was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, is deteriorating. This was announced by Glenn Gordon Caron, director of the series “Moonlight Detective Agency,” in which Willis starred in his youth. The director’s words were quoted by Page Six.

Photo: © Global Look Press/AdMedia
Photo: © Global Look Press/AdMedia

So, the director said that the actor could not remember him for three minutes. In addition, Gordon Caron emphasized that Bruce Willis can no longer speak.

“He’s not too talkative, he used to be an avid reader, although he didn’t want anyone to know about it, but now he doesn’t read ,” the director said.

Willis’s acquaintances also said that the Hollywood star used to happily wake up every morning, but now he sees life only “through the door.”

Terminally ill Bruce Willis celebrated his birthday with his family

It was previously reported that Bruce Willis left his film career in 2022 due to health problems. Doctors diagnosed him with frontotemporal dementia, a disease in which people gradually lose the ability to read, write, speak, and even recognize relatives.

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