Stars with a difficult past: which celebrities killed people

Sarah Jessica Parker’s husband was responsible for the deaths of two women.
Photo: © Materials used: Global Look Press/Armando Arorizo/Keystone Press Agency, FS/AdMedia, Lisa O'Connor/
Photo: © Materials used: Global Look Press/Armando Arorizo/Keystone Press Agency, FS/AdMedia, Lisa O’Connor/

Actors often play criminals and murderers, and many even like to play negative characters. But sometimes it turns out that in real life, famous people become criminals. Some famous people caused tragedies by accident, while others committed deliberate murders. 

Mulletsighting tells what high-profile cases the stars were involved in and what punishment they suffered for serious crimes. 

Matthew Broderick

The actor and husband of Sarah Jessica, star of the series “Sex and the City”, once became the culprit of a fatal accident. Matthew was on vacation in Ireland, and, forgetting that there was left-hand traffic there, he drove into the oncoming lane. 

Broderick collided with a car carrying two women. They died as a result of the accident. At first they wanted to convict the actor and imprison him for five years. However, the court found him not guilty and ordered him to pay a fine of $175. 

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Michael James

Michael is known to viewers from the TV series “The Shield”. However, he put an end to his career by committing a terrible crime. One day, his wife April decided to get a divorce, saying that she was tired of living with him.

James suspected that she had simply found someone else. He could not come to terms with the fact that his wife wanted to leave him. The actor decided to kill her. Michael took the revolver from his father-in-law and shot April first in the back and then in both legs, saying:

“If you love running so much, then run to heaven . “

Then the actor tried to take his own life, but failed. After the murder, he went to the police, where he confessed to his crime. The witnesses were Michael’s children, who saw him kill their mother. James was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

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Alec Baldwin

In 2021, Alec starred in the film Rust. In October of that year, he accidentally shot and killed cameraman Galina Hutchins. It turned out that the fake weapon the actor was filming with was loaded with live ammunition. 

Baldwin said he did not pull the trigger. However, many believe that the weapon itself could not have fired either. After the incident, Alec was initially formally charged with manslaughter, but they were dropped in April 2023. 

But assistant director David Halls was sentenced to six months’ probation. He was accused of improper use of a weapon. David himself admitted that he really didn’t check every cartridge in the gun before putting it in Alec’s hands. 

However, a new examination showed that the weapon itself could not fire, and the bullet could only be fired by pressing the trigger. Investigators must make a new decision and say whether Baldwin will be prosecuted or not.

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Sid Vicious

Sid was the guitarist for the punk band the Sex Pistols and loved to abuse illegal substances. One day the musician was relaxing with his beloved Nancy in a hotel room. They both took the dose, after which Vicious fell asleep.

When he woke up, he found Nancy stabbed to death in the bathroom. The artist called the police, but denied his guilt, since he did not remember anything and understood that he would never have done such a thing. Sid was released on bail, but he could not survive what happened. The musician took a lethal dose of illegal substances.

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Waltraud Mayer

Waltraud’s story could serve as the basis for a detective story. A German opera singer once wanted to get all the money of her husband, who was almost 20 years older than her.

The woman killed him, and then began to look for men who would look like her husband. Mayer had a plan: she wanted whoever she hired to introduce himself as her husband and transfer the entire inheritance, which was approximately $5.5 million, to her.

However, the police found the performer. It turned out that one of the men who participated in the casting and was not accepted for the role of Mayer’s husband suspected something was wrong and, wanting to take revenge on the woman, handed her over to the police.

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Rebecca Gayheart

Rebecca is familiar to viewers from such projects as “Invasion”, “Ugly” and others. In 2001, she unintentionally killed a nine-year-old boy.

The actress was driving her jeep and accidentally hit a child. Gayheart was sentenced to three years of probation, ordered to perform 750 hours of community service and pay a fine of several thousand dollars.

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Lane Garrison

Lane also caused a car accident. On that day, the actor was in a state of alcoholic intoxication – the indicators were twice the norm. In addition, prohibited substances were found in Harrison’s blood.

Then he drove into a tree at speed. In the car with Lane were two girls and a guy who died on the spot from his injuries. 

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The court sentenced Garrison to 40 months in prison. True, the actor was released much earlier – for exemplary behavior.

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